Cedar Mountain, VA
August 7, 1862

    General Jackson was determined to assume the offensive against General Pope. On August 7, 1862, Jackson moved his forces from Gordonsville, VA and made contact with the Federal Army at Cedar Mountain. A general battle ensued and Jackson's left (under the command of Jubal Early) was in danger of collapse.  General Jackson, seeing this, spurred his horse into the smoking melee along Culpepper Road. He met fire on all sides. Being in danger, he went for his sword but it was stuck in the scabbard. Unfastening its clasp, he waved the cased sword and shouted "Rally, brave men and press forward! Your general will lead you, he cried!" A captured Union lieutenant asked what officer that was. Upon learning that it was Jackson and being in the presence of a celebrity, the Lieutenant shouted "Hurrah for General Jackson! Follow your general, boys!" The captured officer was released then and there! Jackson rode back behind A.P. Hill's division and found General Branch exerting his troops with a speech. He ordered Branch to lead the counter attack. The 7th Regiment was sent in to shore up the left of Jackson's division. Not much action in the beginning of the battle but the unit formed to support General Taliaferro's Division which had engaged a concealed Federal Force. After the 7th Regiment engaged the concealed Federal troops, the Union forces fled. A 164 man Pennsylvania Calvary unit attempted to blunt the charge of the 7th Regiment. Every able Southern drew a bead and fired. Only 71 men returned from that unit. They chased the federal forces for about a mile and captured 30 prisoners. The battle was over by 7:00 p.m.  After the battle, the 7th Regiment had sustained one killed and one wounded.