Frazier's Farm, VA
June 29, 1862


   July 29, 1862 , Generals Longstreet and Jackson had made contact with the Union forces at Frazier's Farm on the Long Bridge Road about a mile from the intersection of the Charles City Road. The Confederates attacked and fought a hard battle which drove the Union troops back. The 7th Regiment crossed the Chickahominy River on the 29 July 1862 and chased the Union forces until the evening of the 30th of July. The Union forces were overtook. General Branch personally lead the 7th Regiment in attacking the Federal forces. Under terrific fire the 7th Regiment advanced. They were given the order to charge which they did so without faltering. The enemy was driven back for a mile and every inch was hotly contested. The 7th Regiment stopped its advance once they learned that they had pushed the enemy behind their reserve forces. It was evening and the 7th Regiment had driven the enemy from its protection of their batteries. General Pender's brigade had been coming up in support and the 7th Regiment fell in behind them. Lt Col Haywood was then wounded but with the help of some of his troops, he managed to send some of the Regiment back into action under Major J. L. Hill. The Union forces then retired to Malvern Hill, a defensive position overlooking the Confederate forces.