Hanover Courthouse, VA
May 27, 1862

      In Virginia, the situation there demanded that more troops be dispatched to help defend Richmond, the Capital of the Confederacy, from advancing Union troops.  On May 4, 1862, Major General Branch's Brigade which included the 7th Regiment were ordered to Gordonsville, VA.  They then were moved to the foot hills of the Shenandoah Valley.  But upon arriving, they were sent back to Hanover County Courthouse.  

      Here, the Unit performed picket duty and observed the right flank of the Union Army under the command of George B. McClellan, who was in front of Richmond and the Federal force at Fredericksburg, VA.  On May 25, 26 & 27, 1862, Slash Church became the headquarters for Confederate Brig. Gen. L. OB Branch. Two battles in the vicinity on May 27, one on Mr. Kinney's land (now the old Cross home), the other at Peake's Turnout (Va. Central Railroad lines near Lebanon Church) resulted in a victory for the Union. 12,000 Union forces (led by Gen. Porter) vs. 4500 Confederate (North Carolina) troops (Gen. Branch & Anderson) fought twice in one day after marching through the rain the night of the 25th. Local roads used were New Bridge Road (now Hillcrest Church Road - no longer goes over a bridge) and Taliaferro's Mill Road (now River Road). Two local homes and Slash Church were used as hospitals for the over 300 wounded (both sides total casualties include wounded, killed & taken prisoner of 1,000). Old trees cut on north side of Slash around 1950's contained bullets from these battles. This encounter became known as the Battle of Slash Church in the South and the battle of Hanover Courthouse in the North. Slash was also used as a schoolhouse during the week by the 1830's or 1840's. Peake's Turnout (former address of Slash), mail drop and general store are still available to view today, though the general store is boarded up and the road has been renamed Peakes Road.  The7th Regiment was  placed in a reserve status during the battle at Hanover County Courthouse  and saw little action in a rear guard status as General Branch withdrew his army to Ashland, VA.  During this campaign, the 7th Regiment lost 2 killed, 4 wounded and 2 missing.