Malvern Hill, VA
July 1, 1862


   On June 30, 1862, after the Battle at Frayser's Farm, the Union forces had retired for the night on a high knoll called Malvern Hill. This gave them a highly defensive position. On July1, 1862, the Confederates launched an attack against this position. Generals Longstreet and A. P. Hill's divisions were held in reserve. General Branch was ordered into action. The unit had not actively engaged but soon the 7th Regiment went into action. It was nine o'clock in the morning and the Confederates had formed a line of battle. General Lee had concluded that a frontal assault was the only way to dislodge the Federals. It was late in the day and the unit had been under heavy fire. General Lee then ordered an attack along the entire line after the artillery had ceased firing.  This took place around three o'clock in the afternoon.  Three hours later, General D.H. Hills forces (which included the 7th Regiment) attacked.  They assaulted the enemy bitterly and held their ground well.  Without support, they were soon driven back to their original position.  It was a heroic dash to attack the Federals in an uphill battle, but availed little in the face of the Federal artillery and infantry fire.  The Federals held their fire until the Confederates were within a short distance from the crest of the hill. Then they fired destructively into the Confederate forces. The Confederates suffered a tremendous loss of men in this battle. The 7th Regiment began  this campaign on June 26, 1862 with 450 men strong. After the Malvern Hill action had ended, the unit had suffered 218 wounded and 35 killed for the entire campaign.