Standard Fact Sheet

7th North Carolina State Troops

Company F, Inc.


Rev 1 02/11

Company F, Standard Fact Sheet



·       Where & When was the original 7th NCST, Co. F organized? – Sworn in to State Service at Camp Mason, NC, Alamance County, on August 21,1861.

 ·       What was the first battle for the 7th NC? – New Berne, NC March 14th, 1862.

 ·       What two Generals were the ANV Second Brigade Commanders of the 7th NC during the War for Southern Independence? – Generals O.B. Branch and Lane.

 ·       Name the five NC Regiments in the ANV 2nd Brigade? – 7th, 18th, 28th, 33rd and 37th NCST.

 ·       The majority of the original members of Company F, 7th NC were from what NC County? – Rowan

 ·       What was the name given to Company F and why? – Fisher’s Rifle Guard, named after Colonel Fisher commanding the 6th NCST who was killed at the battle of 1st Manassas VA. Members of Company F voted to name the company after the Colonel of their sister Regiment.

 ·       What Division of the ANV was General Branch’s Brigade assigned to? – A.P. Hills Division,

 ·       What unit of the ANV was A.P. Hill’s Division assigned to? – General Thomas J. Jackson’s Corps. 

·       In what battle did General T.J. Jackson receive the name of “Stonewall”? – 1st Manassas/1st Bull Run.

 ·       In what battle and when did General O.B. Branch get killed? – Sharpsburg/Antietam Maryland, September 17, 1862.

 ·       General “Stonewall” Jackson was wounded during what battle and when? – Chancellorsville, Virginia, May 2nd, 1863.

 ·       When did General “Stonewall” Jackson die of his wounds? – May 10th, 1863.

 ·       General A.P. Hill was killed when and where? – April 2, 1865, Petersburg, Virginia in the act of rallying his men.

 ·       Who named the Army of Northern Virginia? – General Robert E. Lee when he assumed command in 1862. 

·       When & Where did the 7th Regiment; North Carolina State Troops receive their parole? – Near Greensboro, NC while on detached duty 01 May, 1865 after participating in all the campaigns of the Army of Northern Virginia since 1862.

 ·       Who was the overall commander of the ANV and when did he die? – General Robert E. Lee, October 12, 1870.

 ·       Who was the president of the Confederate States of America? – Jefferson Davis.

 ·       Who was the Governor of North Carolina during the majority of the war? – Zebulon Vance.

 ·       When and where was the Army of Northern Virginia surrendered? -  April 9, 1865, Appomattox, Virginia.


General Company Information

 ·       Who was the first Captain of the re-organized 7th Regiment North Carolina State Troops Company F Inc.? – Captain Jerry Brown.

 ·       When was the re-organized 7th Regiment North Carolina State Troops, Company F Inc. Incorporated? – 28 July, 1997.

 ·       What larger re-enactment organizations are we part of? – Third Regiment, 1st Division Army of Northern Virginia.

 ·       Who are Charter Shareholders 8, 9 and 10? – Private Mike Higgins, 2nd Lt. George Dixon and Ordnance Sgt. Ed Fetzer.


Civilian Impression

 ·       What is the best way for a woman to accomplish the everyday look of the period? – By keeping the garments simple. Many re-enactors tend to overdress, wear vests etc.

 ·       How should a woman’s hair be worn? – Neatly confined, normally slicked back and parted in the middle for farm women etc.

 ·       What type of eye glasses can you wear? – 19th Century style normally with oval clear lenses.

 ·       Can you wear tinted or sunglasses? – No!

 ·       How was makeup used? – For respectable women none!

 ·       When going out in public who should a respectable women be with? – If male a member of family, if female anyone.

 ·       Did respectable women of the period go out on their own without escort? – No!

 ·       Did a respectable woman of the period while out approach another member of the opposite sex uninvited? -  No!