Wilderness, VA
May 4, 1864

   At an early hour on the morning of the 4th of May, orders were received to be in readiness to move at a moment’s notice and at one P.M. the regiment moved off taking the road through Orange C.H. towards Fredericksburg.  Resumed the line of march at daylight on the 5th and came up with the enemy on the plank road about dark. Our line was formed on the right of the road the left of the 7th Regt resting on the road. We were then ordered to move forward to the support of McGowan's Brigade which was supposed to be in front of us. After advancing about 300 yards we came to a dense swamp, about 250 yards wide, upon the opposite side of which the enemy was massed. He immediately opened upon us but Col Davidson who was in command of the regiment supposing this fire to have been directed on McGowan's Brigade, ordered a halt, and remained there until the firing ceased when he supposed that McGowan whom he had been ordered to support, had succeeded in driving in the enemy, when he ordered the regiment to advance. After moving about 50 yards into the swamp, a heavy fire was opened upon us again from the front, and again Col Davidson ordered a halt, until the firing ceasing the regiment was again ordered forward under the same supposition as stated above. After moving 50 or 75 yards, the enemy again opened a heavy fire in our front, this time not more than 50 or 75 yards from us. At this time owing to the darkness, smoke and density of the swamp, it was impossible to distinguish friend from foe. After remaining here for a short time, it was discovered that a column was moving towards the plank road on our left flank, but supposing it to be McGowan's Brigade little attention was paid to it until our left wing having arrived within a few paces of it was ordered to surrender, and almost at the same instant, a destructive volley was poured into the regiment, which created some confusion. The right of the regiment fell back a short distance and the left owing to the proximity of the enemy and the heavy fire poured into it, fell back in considerable disorder to Scales Brigade, on the left of which it formed. Lt Col Davidson having been captured, and not knowing what had become of the left wing of the regiment I assumed command of the right wing and moved back on a line with the 33rd and had scarcely formed here before the enemy having advanced his lines poured into this wing a destructive fire, causing it to fall back again in some disorder a small portion of which was rallied and carried back a third time on a line with the 33rd. Very soon after this orders were received to fall back to the edge of the swamp, after remaining there about one hour, we were ordered to form in rear of Scales line where the left of the regiment had been rallied and formed, and where we rested for the night. The casualties of the regiment in this engagement were 5 killed 39 wounded 31 missing - Total 75 Early on the morning of the 6th and before our lines were formed, the enemy attacked in force, and this regiment in common with the whole Division broke in Confusion, afterwards, being rallied, it was moved to the left of the plank road about 2 miles where breast works were erected, nothing worthy of note occurring during the remainder of the day or the following.

   On the 8th moved to the right in the direction of Spotsylvania C.H. and camped about 12 o'clock that night On the 9th arrived at Spotsylvania C.H. at 12 M, and proceeded to throw up breastworks. On the 10th we were ordered to the left, about dark, to charge the enemy out of the breastworks which they had succeeded in capturing on a part of our line, but this having been done before our arrival, returned to our original position. Nothing more of importance occurred until the morning of the 12th when the enemy assaulted our lines on the left and succeeded in repulsing our front line and by their movement flanking on the left of the Brigade and driving in the regiments on our left flank. Receiving notice of this fact from Lt Col Cowan of the 33rd I did not await orders, but moved my regiment by the right flank, and formed behind a short traverse running at right angles with the Original lines. There with the 33rd succeeded in stemming the tide of federal victory and holding him in check until reinforcements coming up the works were retaken, but a portion of the works being still held by the enemy, we were ordered to charge. After changing and driving the enemy about 0/4 of a mile, held him in check until the greater part of the lines were established, when we were ordered to fall back to our original line, but it being occupied, formed a second line in their rear. Remained there until 1 o'clock P.M. when we were moved to the right to a brick kiln near the Court House. Received orders to report to Lt Col Cowan of the 33rd, and moved across the breastworks into a piece of woods about 300 yards in front of the works, after reaching these woods, was ordered by Col Cowan to detach a Company for the purpose of finding out the strength and position of the enemy, for which purpose, the Companies being small, two were sent out under Command of Capt. Williamson a similar number having been thrown out from the 33rd. Capt. William moved forward with the whole skirmish line, the two regiments moving forward to his support. After moving through these woods, being joined by the rest of the Brigade under Gen. Lane came up with the enemy in force. After a short but sharp engagement and having no support on my right (the enemy having moved up two lines on my right and pouring in a large amount of fire from artillery and musketry) the right was ordered to fall back a short distance to prevent its capture. Very soon the whole line was discerned to be falling back, creating some confusion which it was impossible to check, until we reached the outer edge of the woods, where the line was again formed. Here we received orders to fall back to the breastworks, where we remained for the night. Casualties in the different engagements of this day were killed 11 sounded 41 and missing 3 Total 55. Nothing to note occurred until the afternoon of the 21st when having discovered that the enemy had left our front, we were ordered to the right of the Court House and at 5 P.M. advanced on the enemy's entrenching line of skirmishers and drove them out, retired after dark and marched until 2 o'clock at night. Resumed march on the next morning towards [ junction], nothing occurred until the afternoon of the 23rd, when the Brigade was ordered back towards the river, for the purpose of checking the enemy who were close on our rear - at this point, the regiment was detached for the purpose of guarding a ford and consequently was not engaged, with the rest of the Brigade. Left this position on the next morning and moved back about three miles to the VA Central R. Road. Remained here until the 26th, when we marched towards Ashland, Continued our march on the 27th and went into Camp near Mechanicsville. Remained there until the evening of the 28th when we moved to within 2 miles of Attlee's station for the night. Nothing of importance occurred, until June 2nd when we moved to the right and arrived at Gaines Mill at 2 P.M., where we threw up entrenchments. At 5 P.M. moved to the right, and formed in rear of Breckinridge's Division. Afterwards moved on a line with him, and helped to dislodge the enemy from Turkey Ridge, where we threw up entrenchments and remained until the 13th of June when the enemy having vacated our front moved by the right flank Crossing the Chickahominy at McClellan's Bridge. Moved down the river, Crossed the York River R.R., passed through White Oak swamp, and came up with the enemy near Frazier's Farm, where we advanced in line of battle through a dense forest. Halted a short time, and retired about 10 P.M. to the breastworks in rear of Mahoney Division. Nothing of interest occurring until the morning of the 17th, when we moved out on the Darby town road towards James River, and camped about 10 o'clock near Darby town. Resumed the march on the next morning Crossing the James River at Derry's Bluff, marched to Petersburg and went into camp at Battery No. 38 near that place. Next morning went into the works between Batteries No. 36 & 37. Remained in this position until the evening of 31st when, the enemy having made a demonstration on the Petersburg and Weldon R. Road we were ordered to that point. The enemy having discovered our force fell back, and we resumed our original position about 10 o'clock P.M. On the 22nd moved back towards the Weldon R.R. and towards the enemy's left and attacked him, strongly entrenched, about 4 o'clock P.M. after getting in easy musket range of these works, and having a brisk engagement of probably a half hours duration, was ordered to fall back, and moved by the left flank to the support of Mahoney Division who had attacked the enemy in front where we remained until 10 o'clock when we moved back to our original position. Our Casualties in these engagements were Killed 1 Wounded 17 and Missing -- Total 18.

   On the 23rd moved to the left and relieved a Florida Regiment of Finnegan's Brigade. Nothing of note occurring until the evening of the 2nd July, when we were relieved and ordered to Chaffin Bluff, which place we reached about 10 o'clock of the 3rd Crossed the James River, and took our present position about 4 miles below the Bluff.

The casualties in this regiment since the opening of the Campaign are as follows --

Com. Officers Killed--1